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We are a Finnish services & consulting company. We serve customers from local coffee shops to large multinationals with our carefully chosen portfolio and decades of knowledge.

We let you concentrate on building your core business, while we bring you the best of breed cloud services and integrate them into your business processes.

Services &                 Consulting

Our portfolio consists of carefully chosen cloud partners that deliver a full service for our customers. Our main focus is Retail industry where we bring value to our customers by solving their network requirements and delivering business analytics and smart workforce management solution.

We train and empower your employees and help you succeed by optimising your operations.

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Communications, training
& scheduling

We provide communications, social media & scheduling tools for the mobile workforce in the everchanging environment. Our typical customer is a chain of restaurants or retail stores, but we provide solutions to support constructions or logistics just as well.

Our solutions allow our customers to;

  • Give proper social media tools to their customers

  • Communicate effectively and own the channels

  • Train employees on the go

  • Have the right people in the right place at the right time

  • Predict costs

  • Follow sales, productivity, salary percent and other KPI's

  • Pay the correct wages, every time

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"Both the head office and the individual shopkeepers have the opportunity to look ahead with regards to wage percentages, labour costs and turnover"


"Professional, no need to dabble"

— Irene, Store manager

Retail analytics

Would you like to understand your customer flows better? 

We can bring you analytics, even from your existing surveillance camera estate and react to events in real time.

  • ​Customer profiles - Age, gender, returning/new customer

  • Trends - passers by vs. visitors

  • Hot/Cold zones

  • Measure the effectiveness of your ad campaigns

  • Customer experience. Forget waiting in lines, good experience everytime



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